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My name is Agnieszka Dydycz.

I was born in the 20th century thus I know what I don't know...

After many years of making so called career in the global corporation, I realised
that my old dreams had expired and it's time for the new ones. Therefore now I live, love, write, work and teach. I am an experienced coach, mentor and a true friend who makes promises only to keep them. I love talking to people, especially to kids, as from them we can learn what's really important in life... That's why I coach others and conduct development workshops about how to get to know oneself and find out what is important to us. My son Antoni (Tony) is my main source of challenges and inspiration, and he comes in a package with his equally creative daddy. In 1998 I founded the Let's Help Children Foundation, which gives kids a chance for better life. As a writer I made my debut in 2016 with funny adventures of a physiotherapist with a Ph.D. "From the diary of a massage therapist", followed by it's second part - "Man always sneezes twice ". Together with my son, we wrote a story "Tim From The Outer Space". Kids love this book as it is about hugs and friendship. My next novel - "Dreams with The Expiration Date" was published in June 2018. The latest one - an epic story about life and the old soul - is called "Today belongs to me". It gives us a very powerful message that whatever appears as the end may be just the beginning. To be continued...